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Pour un évènement unique exigez les meilleurs 

Discover a new way to entertain your evenings whether  for you private or your professional event, LUMIWAYLIGHT is here to offer a real visual show to your friends or customers.


Actually, we noticed we are very present in the Paris' most famous places, such as The Queen as well as the Duplex and the Crystal-lounge and many others.


Fur the rmore, our robots move in all FRANCE, EUROPE, USA, AFRQUE ETC…in the trendiest events!


We cross the borders, fom Miami, to Las Vegas and Los Angeles as well as Morocco, Algeria and Bucharest where we set fire to the SENILE and THE PULSED. The biggest clubs trust us for our dynamism and our seriousness.


Our robots can be also used for street marketing, advertising campaigns, video clips, concerts, movies... 


 LUMIWAYLIGHT , are futuristic robots measuring 2,50 or 2,70 meters and equipped with light led laser and a Co2 gun that will entertain your trendy evenings!


Do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information and estimates with our sales agent.

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